Commercial Grade Particle Board…What You Don’t Know

Many people have been led to believe that particle board is not as good as plywood. The truth is, while plywood cabinets are marked as all wood, it simply is not. Did you know that Particleboard are actually more qualified as “All Wood”?

We use Industrial Grade Particleboard or MDF to build our high quality cabinetry. Our industrial grade is 45lb p/cuft moisture resistant particleboard is more superior than the quality of the plywood we find in over 95% of the cabinetry made today. Gone are the days of the old inferior particleboard you may remember from cheap furniture, or manufactured home cabinetry in the 60’s through the 2000’s(16-22lb). You don’t have to worry about that anymore. If you are looking for a manufacturer in Arizona or Colorado, call us at 480-405-8774 or 719-888-4232 respectively.

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