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Industrial Grade Engineered Wood Outperforms Plywood

Industrial Grade Particleboard Box Construction Versus Plywood.

Introducing our U.S. Manufactured Carcasses, made with the highest quality of the most durable and environmentally friendly materials in the Cabinetry Industry.

Cabinet and Furniture Manufacturers have always known the general public has a bias towards plywood cabinets (the public has been led to believe plywood is all wood).

That being said, cabinets are marketed as “All Wood”. But it’s simply not All Wood when you use plywood. Plywood is a composite, just like MDF and Particleboard, but simply put, not as good. Particleboard and MDF are factually more qualified as “All Wood”. The fact is, Plywood actually has less wood content (in density) than the Industrial Grade Particleboard or MDF we use to build our High Quality cabinetry.
We followed the same marketing position for years, but we’re compelled to take a position and use what we (and the Industry Experts), know and can attest too, as to using a better material.
MP2 industrial grade 45 lb p/cuft Moisture Resistant Particleboard is factually more superior then the quality of plywood found in over 95% of the cabinetry made today.
The decades old inferior particleboard you remember from cheap furniture, or manufactured home cabinetry in the 60’s thru the early 2000’s (16 – 22 lb P/Cubic foot Density), has long since been replaced with superior performing Engineered Materials, much like today’s high Performance Engineered Quartz Counter-tops verses Granite or other natural stones.
The General Public has not been well informed of the significance of the Environmental Impact due the use of Plywood versus Sustainable Engineered Wood.
The fact is, Europe Does Not use plywood in the manufacture of cabinetry to preserve their forestry while offering Superior Engineered All Wood materials for the inherent longer lifecycle of their Cabinetry and Furniture.
Our Industrial Grade Particleboard supplier, harvests from FCS Certified forests within the U.S.

The Technical Specifications of Industrial Grade Particleboard:
• Our Cabinet Box Construction Particleboard is a MP2 Industrial Grade.
• It does not warp due to temperature fluctuations and other changes in the environment.
• Our Particleboard Density is 45 lbs P/Cubic Foot for maximum structural strength and screw holding power in both edge and face sections. The screw holding strength is significantly increased due our “Moisture Resistant” composition versus other Particleboard Manufacturers.
• Excellent machinability and Dimensional Stability; + – 1/32″ For Optimal Square Box/Panel construction.
• No thin edges—panels or voids like the common plywood used within the industry; our particleboard is sawn after sanding.
• Meets the moisture resistant specifications for ANSI MR-10 per the ASTM D 1037-06a for 24 hr. thickness swell.
**See one of the many 24 hour water test results below.
• Our Interior finish (and optional exterior finish) is made of Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) also known as Thermally Fused Melamine (TFM). Our TFM box construction is designed to Protect, Preserve and Beautify with a heat and pressure activated environmentally/humanly friendly resin which creates a cross linked bond to our Industrial Grade Particleboard for maximum durability, featuring an outer layer that is water proof and resists chipping, scratches and dents.

• Consistent light Tan color for enhanced and consistent in/exterior melamine finishes.

• EPA TSCA Title VI Compliant “No added formaldehyde” (NAF), Certified (CARB Exempt), by SCS an international leader in third-party certification and standards.

• Forestry Service Council (FSC) Certified, The Highest Sustainable Forestry Certification there is, and it’s made in the U.S. in Klamath Falls, OR.
• High percentage of Western Pine fiber, containing 100% postindustrial recycled & recovered fibers.

• Contributes to “Leed” projects..
• Certified “Declare Product” (Read More: https://living-future.org/)
Our Particleboard supplier is one of the top rated suppliers in the nation
Collins Pine FreeForm Particleboard was selected as one of the Top – 10 Green Building Products in 2007 by the editors of GreenSpec and Environmental Building News and received the 2009 Sequoia Award for innovation in Green Building Products.

Our Particleboard Meets the moisture resistant specifications for ANSI MR-10 per the ASTM D 1037-06a for 24 hr. thickness swell.